A Bad Poem For The Ages

I thought I’d write a bad poem, one for the ages, signifying nothing.
Pavement suffocates the living earth just as bad poetry fills volumes.
Still, oblivious to the land’s rape, the masses enjoy sentimental blathering,
And all is well since professional wrestling rules even sports columns.

by William Jackson Click to read full poem

Comments (16)

If we all opened our eyes to what is around us, It would be a different world.
Not a bad poem, william.
Poetically expressive keep it up.
a true reflective verse for all poetic venture, I enjoyed reading it.
Not really so bad as it has touched every poets deep core...around the world! Cheers! !
Sadly, it is to expect too much. It seems there are so few who see what we are doing to this lovely planet that is not even ours. Your poem is more lovely. M
lovely poem, definitely a best william. keep the good work up.
If you thought the poem was bad I wonder what you think is good - or at least merit-worthy? Forgiving the title William, you've produced something which is essentially timeless & the sign of a exceptional poem. Rgds, Ivan
Wow. I really like your message, there's so much compacted into to every word, it kind of takes your breath away when you think about what you were trying to say.
No poem is bad, when it conveys the meaning to the Reader. When words come from the heart of a writer, they become poem in turn. Well done.
Bad and this? Hardly..... It has such intricate meanign woven into the 8 lines. Brilliant! Preets PS - thanks for your comments on my poems :)
William nice write I enjoyed this
My old friend Menke Katz used to say that the gold is in the sunset, but so few ever know or understand this. Praise for your world class poem. Kindest regards, Sandra
Excellent William! Men never touch the soft Earth, wind and grass and everybody wants to fly it seems?
This is a wonderful poem. Sometimes the work of another causes another revelation to the reader - should we just outlaw television? I remember well the sweet evenings in Uvalde when my dear aunt would lead me by the hand, from backyard to backyard, exchanging sweet comments with the neighbors. And showing me off - she was proud that I loved her. Or is the air conditioning? Or the freeways? Anyway, this made me feel the Earth, evening breeze we hoped for, St.Augustine grass - in memory. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for being quite perceptive. Lovexx, Will