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A Bad Son (1) (Tomb -Sweeping Day)

Today is a tomb sweeping day.
It also is a public holiday.
I go to my parent's cemetery,
to show overdue filial piety.
in a feeling so gloomy.

I clean the dust and mud
collected on the grave yard,
I pull out the bush and weed.
I place fruit, fish and cooked meat
but I am not sure they could eat.
I burn incent sticks and paper money
but I am not sure they could spend happily.
I pray to deity so that they get protected,
but I am not sure my prayer could be answered or neglected.
I have been doing this for several years after their death,
but some say it is worthless and meningless.
Yes, perhaps they are right
When my parents were alive,
I didn't follow their good advice,
not to street fight,
not to rob or mug,
not to drink alcohol and do drug,
not to commit any crime
all those I didn't keep in mind.

My parents died while I was in prison
then I learned the hard life lesson.

Now I feel very sad,
with a great repentance,
wailing loud and beating my chest.

I am not sure that they could hear,
even though I am kneeling at the tomb-stone close and near.

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This is awesome; a view of other customs, in a far off place, and a glimpse of human nature, ever recognizable, no matter the distance. I loved this one.