How melodious
Are the violins
Playing in
Your mind
They ricochet
Honest sounds
Of deeper emotions
Better than reality
Yet untrue

by Chester Maynes

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This poem was really interesting to me This poem really helped me on my poetry project that I had due in two days! Geoffrey Chaucer you did a nice job on making this poem.
Very insightful into the use of Ye Olde English.
Here are some helpful translations of Olde Englishe from http: //www.everypoet.com/archive/poetry/Geoffrey_Chaucer/chaucer_poems_MISCELLANEOUS_POEMS.htm 1. The firste stock-father of gentleness: Christ Must follow his trace, and all his wittes dress, * *apply *All wear he* mitre, crown, or diademe. *whether he wear* *Clean of his ghost, * and loved business, *pure of spirit* That is appropried* to no degree, *specially reserved Which makes his heire him that doth him queme, * *please
With the muse of humility; for the sake of peace. Great work!
I am agree with Theresa Ciccone..We have to follow the path..must keep the sublimity, vice is swelling on the lap of rich...Geoffrey Chaucer a period in English literature..
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