Sensual Kiss With A Twist Of Bold

It may start in the beginning too tickle.
To give each toe the kiss.
Gently sucking the toes
and then lightly kissing around the whole foot.
Can it not but help to gently massage the base of the foot while performing between the toes this kiss.

Simply brush your lips lightly across the crown of his foreheadhead
in thanks when he is done.

Never involving the lips the texture or wrong tongue.
Made of puple cedar where is the trunk?

Sensual kiss with a twist of Bold.

by James McLain

Comments (8)

a masefield poem by john masefield. i couldnt put this all in better words.
A parading ballad it is to read and enjoy! Nice flowing poem!
Words give a graphic description of baser pirate days of the wood sail, cutlass, brains and blood. Then the circle of joy over the booty.
This is wonderfully-made poem. You can see the the retired old pirate over his grog at an Inn from which he can see the ocean on which he was once such a terror regretting the passing of his exciting, if blood-soaked and nefarious, life.
na na NA na na na NA na na na NA na na na Na...It's a wonderful ballad, with an enjoyable rythm and an interesting content. This really deserves to be the poem of the day. And the pirate life aboard the ship is really described as a LIFE! Wooo! A great thumbs-up to you Ser!
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