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A Ballad Of Love And Lust
PSH ( / Galloway, SW SCOTLAND UK)

A Ballad Of Love And Lust

Poem By Patrick Scott Hogg

Are stolen fruits the most exciting?
Down on you with tongue delighting
As a butterfly lands on a flower
Then rough and wild hour on hour
A voracious animal, a wild beast
Spreads you out for his feast
Uninhibited bursts of passion
So gentle a tongue, then a lashing
Mouthfuls then fingers in so deep
Sucking and licking – forget sleep!
Stop don’t stop O stop please please!
Rivers run - I’m on my knees!
You grin demented wild and free
Laughing madly in pleasure’s glee
Untamed the passion erupts to bliss
Then a wet dirty hungry kiss!
Vesuvius erupts and earthquakes roar
Howling moaning, come back for more!
In a frenzied torrent of lust and passion
Waves of a storm, downward crashing!
Slow deep and in - the thrusting goes
Till faster faster the whole thing blows!
A runaway train smashing into a station
Eruptions fly in exultation!
Full body slamming from the top
Yields a fair good splashing crop
Full body slamming from behind
You love it babe – hard and kind!
From after midnight thru till noon
Like dogs in heat before the moon!
Entangled and caught within your snare
Your touch and love are all my care.

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Comments (5)

Well, now............ahemmmmmmmm.......let me catch my breath! If you call that a ballad, then I'm the Queen of Sheba! That was a rip-roaring feast of passion that begs to be screamed at the top of one's lungs. All I can say is I need a cigarette - and I don't smoke! Exhilarating read! Linda :) :)
A lot of eroticism and passion in these words. Very interesting read.
Patrick, I would say you are one passionate kind of man. loved it, Colin J...
Wow P S Hogg, all this just because I was surfing the Top 100 UK poets! ! I've read this out to my room-mate (colleague that is..) and his answer was 'Well'! I think he found it as amusing as I! Brilliant rythym if you'll pardon the pun. Sounds like you both had a whale of a time.... and that's the point! Isn't it? HG: -) xx
Speaking of Lust......................etc............ who is she? ? ? ? ? marci.xo