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A Ballad Of Superiority
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A Ballad Of Superiority

Of the path to a better life they know the way
We must follow our leaders believe what they say
For more jobs for our children more trees must be cut down
For to build more factories in the industrial town

We must not allow into our Country any more refugees
They are as useless to us as the leaves of the trees
For a hike in our taxes we will gladly pay
For their incarceration in Islands from our shores far away

We have got to keep digging bigger holes in the ground
In places where uranium is to be found
For our allies to make bombs with if our enemies need to be destroyed
Remember it is us who have god on our side

Our capitalist right wing government we should celebrate
On opening more coal mines and building more factories more jobs they create
We do not need greenies their thinking all wrong
To back in the dark ages their sort does belong

Who is this local bloke Duggan who pens doggerel
That he is just an obscure agitator does seem just as well
He believes we are helping to destroy the planet that feeds us such a stupid idea
Just as well that with him many do not agree

That we are superior people gives us the right to brag
We got to keep waving the National flag
The superior person drives the biggest car
We ought to feel proud of the people we are

In the future there ought to be a big factory on every street
So our children for jobs do not have to compete
Every opportunity for land development we ought to seize
We need les natural habitat for wildlife and to remove more trees

That we are superior to others we have come to realize
And this in itself is not any surprise
To the majority opinion we do belong
And all of those who choose to differ do have it wrong.

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