I want to hide in night
I want to stay in dark
I could secretly fade out
I could be lost from your sight
I want to escape from light
I'll choose the most narrow side
And the rain should fall hard
Covering my shadow and spark

by Maria Sudibyo

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I like this poem, it's quite good
I have these words which I believe also belong to this poem. Is this correct? It would have to be the beginning of the poem. 'Mary walked among the birch trees questioning each one. 'Little birch trees, little white souls, Have you seen my son? ' None made answer, none knew of him......
Dear Lecie: There certainly is a biblical aspect to this poem of Lanier's. As a matter of fact, it was made into a hymn and can be found, I believe, in the 1940 Hymnal of the Episcopal Church (PECUSA, not ECUSA) . It is a beautiful expression of Christ's sacrifice and final victory for us. Jerry (*___~)
I see a Biblical imagery in this very unique poem about Salvation-Christ. Do you see this too? Lecie :)