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A Bang-Poem-Cauchy3
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A Bang-Poem-Cauchy3

A bang (poem)

Only dry leafs are shock

Stems are straight when leafs cut off

All belles might not truly alluring

Bleach on stems waters has rules

Bang on hairs you change by she

Bang on doors your hands are free

Bang on cars your lives are shot

Bang on Apollo we lost our moons

Bang to God you got not milks

Band to father your mother has fringes

Bang to fans your foes are happy

Bang to hummer for justices as they happen

Bend on back your bodies are supported

Bend on swords your positions are up

Bend on laws your moneys are spend

Bend your bodies live will be easy

Bend on moneys your fishes are on hooks

Bend to ranks your smiles are homeless

Bend to law you got few breathes

Bend to natures you bath on earths

Beat a cat you eat your meals

Beat a woman with rains to dress

Beat a cope you need a mask

Beat a lion you tame the cage

Beat the world you win the lord

Beat on steps your tricks are programs

Beat a realm peoples are on boats

Beat your girls they live on oaks

Shape an art for good lubbers

Shape your mouths as closed tongues

Shape your lives with ideas and codes

Shape your figures on your shows

Shapes of cups are tasteful to shakes

Shapes of capes for eyes to stay

Shapes in appears are grapes on foot

Shapes in voices are laws to fool

I bang to front but not back

I bend to stems with aces

L beat the drums with airs

I shape my times with aims

Laplace transforms give us changes

I transform snows to heats

I warm the candle with sweets

I transform a live of weeds

Who transforms the forms of comets?

I sit on trains of Einstein

I mess up with sciences

Science and technology are one

Both names might allude to orgy

My eyes are dim but need sprees

My ears are fixed but beat by whispers

My altitudes are high with low downs

My orgies are borrow to go

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I'm starting to think you are writing these in Chinese and running them through a shoddy web translator. Either that, or you are intellectually challenged.