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A Banyan Tree

October 19,2018

It is so hard with the broken body,
Day by day losing the immunity.
As a human why god came to me?
Why not firmly made me a Banyan tree?

When in storms and their punches,
Good resistance by large branches.
It provides safety for birds and nests;
For 5 hundred years, it passed all tests!

As a Banyan tree! Why not me?
Me as an icon, you all could see.
The home for birds for few good centuries;
With panoramic views with songs of breeze.

With shadows in the fiery Summer
Beneath my branches with the Indian fair
Little children can play beneath me
For everybody, I could be a great safety!

I lost limbs early, that made me weaken
If I was a Banyan tree, I could repair again!
The desire failed to live like a banyan tree
Alas! Day by day, losing the vigor, immunity!

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Banyan tree is so strong that no one ca break the trunk of its. Panoramic views with songs of breeze we witness at the sight of Banyan Tree. An interesting poem with great imagery is beautifully penned.10