I’m Not Alone In This World

I’m not alone in this world,
I know, you’re part of my world;
Days, seasons and years change,
Past, present and future too change –
Nothing remain constant ever here;
But, I know, you never change for me,
And remain constant as polar star
In the world I live, to guide me forward.

Clouds may hide you from my eyes,
And I may fail to mark you sometimes,
But never you fail in your presence,
In showering me with all your light –
That much never I doubt in my life;
This by itself is my peace and worth,
Solace, contentment, true fulfillment,
That invests me with deep confidence.

Though I know this truth deep within,
Constantly I seek you all round outside,
And insecure I go by doubts within
When frozen silence stares me all round –
And I implode with pain and frustration;
You do see my state and grieve for it,
But helpless as I’m, in reaching me,
And unravel all truth to comfort me.

Though you are there, and I’m here,
We constitute in consort a constant world –
Each lighting the other for eternal time,
In spite of tall wall that divides us,
That indeed never tall to keep us apart;
For, we’re broken pieces of the same soul,
Awaiting divine ordain to conjoin again,
And await that fate however long it makes.

by Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

Comments (17)

A very rhythmic poem. It just right. Bien!
It's a lovely depiction of the life as what you painted with pen & paper. A creative way to look at.......I am in the present perfect.............
nice write its very touching its very true... read it 3 times
nice work.........a good insightful poem thumbs up keep writing
I am in the present perfect. Which unlocks or fastens, the door of immortality.
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