(May 17th,1951 / Chateaugay, New York)

A Batch And Bundle Of Horrific Delusions

We are subjects of a preposterous fraudulent exposition
destroying the virtue of not bearing false witness.
Fed to the teeth with farfetched farcical assumptions
we implore for frankness, veracity and trustworthiness.
Every facet of reality depends on a substantial credibility
constructing fundaments upon basic humanistic principles.
Considering the greedy mongers seeking power we stress
to balance sequences revealing their illogical unreliability.
Transforming molecules from stalwart metal ultimately to dust
managed to frightened the well-nurtured donkeys of brainwash
to criticize and ridicule the Socratic scholarly gentlemen in disgust.
Raising their fists with ruthless commentary challenging us to transgress
and betray our convictions as a beast of burden for another cause.
Occasionally legitimacy threatens to incite an uproar which adjusts
an unwilling listener into a state of clamor resulting in inflammability.
Resulting in an irrational emotional anxiety with possible hostility
which strikes like lightning unexpectedly brutal and impossible to suppress.
Relaxedly reacting to delete the bitter tension we choose to trust
our intuition and our spiritual countenance to plead our worries to pause.
Invocation of the Holy Spirit will shed empathetic moods of reconciliation
healing the painful woes while amending us with inner peace and tranquility.
Still everyone is wishing on a star for a perfect and viable solution
easing our troubled times with an unforeseen marvelously gleaming miracle.
Affinity of opposites will further the gathering of important progress
pointing to the batches and bundles of inconsistencies halting success.
Watching the epitome of sturdiness with oodles of columns in distress
imploding over two hundred yards into the neighboring buildings.
Upon hearing the screams of insult and articulation of profanity
from shining sea over the Rockies gave little room for yielding.
Drilling through the propaganda to assimilate the absurd disaster
left us gawking at a cauliflower amidst this ferocious insanity.
Shamelessly blaming a former friend we beseeched the pastor
to guide us to an absolution and to recite a sermon which expressed
the bottomless abyss of a future dominated by an iniquitous nation.
Unrespectfully dismissing intelligent dissent as a form of the unpatriotic
we question the quest of mineral wealth in the regions of the chaotic.
Innoxious proclamations mildly insinuate the innocent sensations
which tintinnabulate through the environment of the dreamfully quixotic.
Within the shadows of a dehumanizing warlike attitude the relations
become divided as we achingly wail in utter lamentation.
Clandestine and corrupt the impostors tend to completely disrupt the hypnotic
as they meditate in a chivalrous manner mitigating the perfect cooperation.
Isolating the thinkers' and intellectuals' communication with disinformation
and confusing their deductions with grotesque presumptions quite despotic.
Claiming a fiendish danger lurks amongst us, the stranger has grievously depressed
a guiltless virgin who awaits her prince charming enduring this calamity.
Insomnia has infected the sensitive with dreamless nocturnal misery
with a howling coyote's dissonant and disturbing melody beyond any harmony.
Crawling through a labyrinth of mercenaries we beg for truthful access
having no rhyme or reason for their atrocious behavior and lack of the exotic.
Instigating hideous crimes suggested from the cold-hearted and horribly cynic
they proceed with their theatre, shocking however highly inconceivable.
Throwing a compromise up for grabs announcing a possibility to reassess
the hysteria into a worldly community before the situation is irretrievable.
Remembering the opportunity of broad-mindedness we believe we possess
the power of correspondence and the charisma for brilliant negotiations.
The moment will arrive with expedience releasing our pining souls to impress
each breathing being to accept the other's compassionate assertion of elation.

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