(10 November 1954 - / Kolkata / India)

A Bathroom Fairytale

Lay yourself down, when you wish to be born lay yourself down
in a grassy field meadow pasture lay yourself down and say Ma Baba Ma Baba
Soon your body will become this tiny in the morning
Office-goers will see on the grass drops of dew
Your one drop will vanish with the warmth of the sun, go,
Go if you wish to be born say to the clouds Ma Baba Ma Baba
The clouds will hurl you from their womb such rain such rain such rain
Down below a beautiful maiden enters her bath in a roofless rented bathroom
Today there isn’t enough tap water when the rain comes
Her joy as she embraces you to her bosom such love such love such love....

[Translated from 'Kalgharer Roopkatha' (Bengali) by Oindrila Mukherjee]

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Absolutely impeccable poetry.. love it in its pure form
Lovely lines there. Pour out more.