AH (08-10-1984 / Australia)

A Battered Soul

My life tormented
A childhood of pain
Spent bruised and scarred
Hours locked in a small dark room
To scared to shout for help
With only spiders for company
Day after day
The bruises came
To ashamed to show the world
How could I have explained?
The screaming stopped
Through fear of more pain
The inner screams
Still ringing in my ears
The nightmares
Never fade
Another day
Darkness consumes my being
Wishing for someone to set me free
Another fist flies my way
Pain shoots through me
Like a thousand knives
Piercing my soul
Onto adult years
Still bruised inside
Only to find loves the same
Is this normal
Was it something I did?
Walking into doors seems like a bad habit for me
One black eye after the next
Here I was again
Hiding in a dark corner
Hoping the monsters wouldn’t see me
Hoping they wouldn’t bring more pain
Will this ever end?
The child inside so battered
The child inside so scared

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I can identify with your poem. You portray the violence vividly. I enjoyed your poem. Thank you for sharing. Kindest Regards Slim. x.