A Beapoeit Poem

I say I'm not a poet, For like of which I know it,
Rhymes absurd in metered word,
Describing not a poet

Edgar Allen knew it, The flying raven flew it,
The poems grow for Poe to know,
And Nevermore he drew it

Maya made to wing it, The caging bird to bring it,
With Angelou a freedom flow,
In Stilling bird to sing it

Robert's ride to sigh it, The road with just one by it,
Frost travels one concealing sun,
But Traveling to try it

I'll never be a poet, Descriptions rip to sew it,
Moving here and there with wear,
Encoding how I show it

by Paul Moosberg

Comments (3)

I believe there is depth to your prose, but you have to find that confidence to tell your story and leave it up to the critics to critique...When you shoot yourself in the foot..It's easier for people to tear you down...You have talent Paul! ! Poetry is a calling..Not everyone can write poetry it takes a certain mind state to share your thoughts and feelings with the world..You sir have that talent..Keep writing! !
Well, hate to tell you..........you're definitely a poet! And a very good one too. I'm a big fan of rhyme even though I've been trying to write both free verse as well as rhyme lately. I love the rhythm here, that only a true poet could do! Sincerely, Mary
You make connections between many thoughts which are original and profound. Your tributes to other poets bespeak a wide range of knowlege.