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A Beast By Any Other Name....
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A Beast By Any Other Name....

Poem By Dee Daffodil

I think I'd like to go to bed
And stay there for the day
Wallow in self pity
Have courtship with dismay

I think I'd like to drink it in...
The sorrow and the 'pain'
For every ounce of feeling this
I surely must make 'gain'

I shed a tear...from time to time
And that I can't deny
Just do me one small kindness...
Don't ever ask me why

I won't give in completely
I've never been that sort
When sadness threatens inner will
I build a stronger fort

So, please leave me now to grovel
As the blackness takes it's toll
It may nibble at the shell...
But it'll never take my soul!

Dee Daffodil (HW) 01 October,2008

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Comments (9)

I love the poem Dee - just popped back to see how you were. I think we all have days like that. Just keep that shell nice and strong, dear. Irene * hugs *
I like this very much
Dee, Absolutely one of your best efforts! One can actually feel your pain while reading this one. B.V.A.
I love reading your poem dear Dee. You compose with full feelings.
Hi Dee. A cracking read this one with great rhyme and rythme throughout. thanks very much for this **10** Regards Dave T
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