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The Answer Is Liberation

This warm winter
In a silent bustle
Notice the morphology of Indian trees!

So thinly barked,
So barkless, standing
Sentinels in silence
The spiny leaves dance
In the new found confidence…

They don't shiver
Ah! the flora of a progressing nation
Progressing oppressing nation….
Progressing oppressing economics
The spiny leaves dance
In silent bustle, in the
New found confidence

Again I hear a call!
Snow has laid a siege to Srinagar,
All those thickly barked trees,
Those lofty organisms,
Sometimes used to touch the sky….
In the revolution of romance

Seventy thousand deaths they witnessed
Seventy thousand deaths had struck their eye!

Where is the nation?
The answer lies in liberation.

I'm an autumn leaf
The snow will fall on me
The siege, the shroud, the silence……

They shiver and shiver!
Those lofty organisms
Sometimes used to touch the sky……

I'm an autumn leaf….
I'm away from home…
The snow doesn't fall on me….
I died long before, I'll die.

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Comments (4)

i'll wait for the song. thanks for sharing. poor guy! (much of my poetry tries to contain some humor; but try on my 6 foot 3 and see if it comes close to qualifying as humor.........if you will)
I feel so sorry for Paul. Looks like he just got a rotten apple. GW62
Yeap cool Helter Skelter here I come.. All the best Roger
it wasn't what i was looking for but i liked it anyway enjoyable read.