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A Beautiful And Sunny Evening
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A Beautiful And Sunny Evening

I am really not much of a wordsmith my worth as a rhymer in doubt
But for me there is never a shortage of things that i can write about
A beautiful and sunny evening with a gentle cool coastal breeze
In the sunlit parks of Mermaid Waters birds chirp and sing on the bushes and trees
The beauty of Nature around me it is such a beautiful day
And the wonderful thing about Nature for to look you do not have to pay
The pied butcher birds are singing their songs one could never mistake
In the parks they have their morning chorus on the high trees in the gray of daybreak
I have been in love with Mother Nature since i was a very young boy
And every day i learn new things about her this is something that i do enjoy
I have written so many rhymes to her she is one i greatly admire
I do love for to sing her praises and of such i never could tire
The beautiful rainbow lorikeets do sing in small flocks as they fly
On this sunny evening in late Autumn without a gray cloud in the sky.

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