A Beautiful Aspect

What is beautiful aspect of life in general?
To be germ free by drinking water mineral?
To pass off peacefully and reaching the stage of funeral?
Or soldier reaching on top most post of General

Well, it is very difficult to define the true aspect
It matters most when you receive the honor and respect
Your life mission is fulfilled when you hear the words of praise
Rousing and tumultuous welcome despite the objection raised

This is all part of life one has to run in race
It is typical behavior and one has to face
You may face criticism even if cent percent correct
Middle path to be chosen for tactful handling and act

What is best course open in war front when faced with defeated army?
Annihilate them or allow them to have honorable exit or entry
It is weapon in the hands of brave to use it with great care
It may give tactical advantage where as enemy may stand no where

How do you feel satisfied with your own decision?
The though executed mutinously with precision
There may be slight hesitation in over powering the confusion
It may really help to reduce the tension and lead to diffusion

It is not necessary to remain aloof and watch across the fence
It is escapade tendency and increases the situation to be tense
It is best way to get loosely aligned and take active part
It will have tremendous effect and very good start

I used to wonder at the recent happening around
No sweetness or closeness in attitude I found
It may be possible that something new was taking round
It was painful to watch and does not seem to be sound

It is easy to change one’s self that to advise others
People may poke in your work and unnecessarily bother
It will lead to unwanted tension and create flutter
Why to create problem for self by opening shutter?

One should aim at sailing smoothly across the sea
Try to search shed for comfortable stay under tree
It is the right course of action to be followed
Let things swing in your favor and be allowed

It is not new order that has taken place all of sudden
It is wise course that has been adopted and taken
The result may be favorable and true to your liking
You may expect more in return instead of kicking

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Or soldier reaching on top most post of General
We really ought to aim for a smooth sailing at sea. But when the sea is rough we should learn to hold on to the mast. Thanks for this beautiful poem of yours. I learned a lot.
A highly thought-provoking poem. Best wishes.
Beautiful, I enjoyed it...
very interesting and inspiring poem. thanks for sharing.
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