NT ( / Ireland)

A Beautiful Benediction

The nearest thing
to god for me
is the love of my mother
and father
two of the biggest hearts
and gentlest spirits I know.

In my childhood
they lit a candle in my soul,
an unshakable trust in life,
a flame
no storm can blow out.

Their love is a lighthouse
in the dark midst of my life,
the wings
that carry me through,
a beautiful benediction blessing all my days.

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A beautiful poem that shines with the love for your parents. And a lovely picture of your folks, you are very lucky.
Norah... this could be the most moving poem I've read either on Poem Hunter or ever. I was lucky to have two wonderful parents. My mother was a practical joker and always smiling. My father was more dour but very patient and learned and his large library was full of treasures which I devoured greedily. Mostly I remember our weekend trips to Silverdale (on Morecambe Bay) probably the prettiest village in England. We went most weekends sometimes Sat & Sun. your parents' faces shine with love. Lighthouses indeed. Love and sweet dreams Tom
very lovely a beautiful tribute
Wonderful to have had good parents. My mother was awesome. Father - not so much! I loved them both and miss them.
A beautiful tribute. I am sure they are both very proud of their daughter