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A Beautiful Blizzard
SL ( / Cincinnati, OH)

A Beautiful Blizzard

Lost in a daydream; terrorism
With little mercy
Left for a minor acquisition
Of heart infused emotion
Moving blood and energy
Through reluctant ventricles
And sealing valves
Bent on discreetly destroying all
Unknown properties
Of principles unknown

Regardless of other given attributes
Your dreams alone guide emerging qualities
And character
A complex contrast against unfamiliar
Prehistoric responses
Ignore the presence of the uncontrolled
They claim no authority over you, the lord
Colder than a friendly climate
Crawling below the barometer
Safely in the dead zone
Where all matter shall condense
Intro scripture of the truly blessed
Doubles define the earth
Between me

All awake now
One together

Black and white; my smooth affection
Slides across a friendly skin

All intension is clearer than ever
I must erupt before I am suffocated
Head below a shallow system
Numbers and credit cards rampage
To greet a tempting nature
To foster your value as useless
Immaterialized; crafting smaller wounds

Adapt well now, don’t you little son
They’re reward is slavery and a global responsibility
To aid in their genocide
Shake your brother, and pull the bottle
From his mouth; reject such witch’s brew
Let no guardian assume rule over said choices
Only hold yourself against the mirror and

Relinquish their resolve into a dungeon
Of logic and reason
Stability and self-control
Answer to do deity that declares
Self definition
They are the lies of man; his soft pillow to fall on

I am ready for more

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