A Beautiful Day

In the blue sky just a few specks of gray
In the evening of a beautiful day
Though last night it rained and more rain on the way
And that more rain is needed 'twould be fair to say
On a gum tree in the park the white backed magpie sing
He sings all year round from the Summer to Spring
But in late Winter and Spring he even sings at night
So nice to hear him piping in the moonlight
Spring it is with us and Summer is near
And beautiful weather for the time of year
Such beauty the poets and the artists inspire
Of talking of Nature could one ever tire
Her green of September Mother Nature wear
And the perfumes of blossoms in the evening air.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (48)

Your words and skill inspire me
It's a wonderful poem of nature. What I feel is that it's not only a poem but a song of nature too! well penned Francis, I love your poem... Chandan
thank you for an amazing poem
I really love your poem so much
So good,😜😜
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