A Beautiful Day, A Beautiful Lady

All my days before yesterday
Were for me just a joke…
My heart is bouncing inside me now
Like nice music of the type of rock…
I wish it can express itself
And frankly can wake up out of its shock…
I am afraid you become too proud of yourself
And hesitate telling me:
“I do like you also Doc”! ! !

Wael Karameh Karameh
July 11,2009.

by Wael Karameh

Comments (6)

The heart is bouncing for a beautiful lady on a beautiful day whats wrong with that Doc.....surrender....thanks for the read regards
A nice write! ! Lovely words..
Very heart drawn words, she may find them hard to resist.
She must have told you, 'I like you Doc! ' Cause otherwise, she's out of luck Heart beats are fading, she calls for rescue Infuse your lyrics, around the clock! :)
sweet poem Doc..she will be forced to tell you as your words will attract her to you..well done.
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