A Beautiful Death

A breaking thought and I’m ready to begin
a smile of hope
and its all about to end
her face full of happiness
as she sits and ponders of her wants
How can I break this child’s heart?
Imagination thick
and everything she sees is a deep gray
black and white in this child’s eyes fades

She holds dear all those times when slides where the root of all that’s pure
and now she lay in a cot
ready for the world to eat her away
heart so pure and pumping this blood to a beat
trying to endure all the pain that this life will bring

As the beat begins to slow her eyes flutter
And the eyes of her mother and now covered
she is now going to have to come with me.
Cause god told me this child needs to be set free
her cool body lifts and I carry her whole soul

I tell her we will walk until the light is too much
those stairs they only go up
and arms will be waiting to greet you
and this is your new fate
because today is the day all the pain goes away

Smile full of hope
and eyes only seeing gray
this child was set free on this fine winter day

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Comments (3)

A very sensitive poem victoria - I enjoyed it very much...............willow
Sad but comforting. Regards, Gina.
wow... death is so beautifully described by you in this poem, very creative piece of writing! Elya Thorn