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A Beautiful Figure
(17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

A Beautiful Figure

I used to stare at beautiful figure
Why I preferred it? Am not quietly sure
It was something I felt deserved our attention
Nice words of praise with very good mention

I considered my self as one of the most handsome
This view may be shared by not all but some
It is not bad to feel good for self and enjoy
It may be good reason to feel happy with joy

I may stand in front of mirror and quietly murmur
Look body from all the angles and whisper
How much thrill it used to send that I don’t know?
But it was definitely self elation matter anyhow

I was laughed at in many public places
I will look at smart and beautiful faces
My close friends may come near and cut jokes
I will scorn them to shut the unnecessary poke

T was hurting me if someone to comment badly
I will not accept it lightly and think over it sadly
It was matter of deep insult cause for worry
It was anguish for me but surely felt very sorry

Who will not like few words of praise?
You will step out if few more good words are raised
You will be inflated with air in body
It will be known as proud moment for anybody

I think I am not exception in this race
There may be lots of people with such case
They will be suffering from personal syndrome
They will be living in their on world and feel very much at home

I knew from outset that beauty may fade away
Still it was necessary to feel in special way
Not all people are gifted with fine and attractive figure
They seem to think to have bright prospectus with future

If one lives under false impression and feel same
He must be prepared to share some blame
Many may not like the outer beauty and comment adversely
Still it will be his cool temperament that will not accept it as remorse

The mirror may reflect exactly what you are
The person may know reality for being how far?
It will be best suited to his temperament
The gain will be seen from positive point at any moment

It is good not to be carried away
You will not be in position to have permanent sway
Any natural object has to die or perish
It is quite to have close finish

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Comments (3)

» Devanatha ja.. our parents are the most beautiful figure on earth at all times.
Boż ena Nena Wyglą d jest rzeczą wzglę dną każ dy postrzega inaczej pię kno, to co dla jednych jest pię kne dla innych moż e być powiedzmy przecię tne. Mimo wszystko lepiej jest mieć dobrą ocenę samego siebie i akceptować wł asne ciał o nawet wtedy kiedy nie jest doskonał e bo to daje nam wię kszą radoś ć ż ycia i nadzieję na realizację naszych ż yciowych planów i marzeń ....jak mówią wiara czyni cuda...To nie waż ne, ż e z wiekiem staniemy się mniej atrakcyjni bo i tak najwię ksze pię kno pochodzi z naszego wnę trza.... uś ciski
» Liz L. Prakash: -))) very good, thank you, dear, good morning