NA ( / Kingston, Ontario.)

A Beautiful Flower

I know of a beautiful flower
With a sense beguiling fragrance
Where nectar like honey flows
With a sting

In ways a heart's deceptions
Lie hidden in words of eloquence
And sacred vows discreetly
Buried in a ring

As liquor sipped is the ginger step
Over unsteady ground
And it's excesses twenty thousand
Falls and highs

It entices a prey lacking guile like canine footfalls
Without a sound
Till you are enslaved in its lust
With swoons and sighs

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Comments (5)

You pen beautifully in words.
Your writings are more excitable than mine, so I should be the one saying that I have become a fan! And your biography, very intellectual, perhaps by reading you I will learn how to better develop my writing skills. Kudos!
I agree with Matthew. You have a real gift, may you continue to express and develop it. In this one you've given strong voice to a whole archetype, a symbol, that points us to the silent life we're all witness to behind our words.
'It entices a prey lacking guile like canine footfalls'..what a fabulous line. Some of this poem is a bit cliched...honey flowing...but, at other times, you write very well. Nondescript title. Another terrific line, ‘As liquor sipped is the ginger step/ Over unsteady ground.’ I'll read through the other poems in due course.
Ah, words, Natasha. And these are as lovely, and gingerly placed, as any I have read here. Intoxicating in its beauty. Jimmy