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A Beautiful Gul
(17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

A Beautiful Gul

Gul, Gul, Gul
You are so beautiful
Gul is flower in garden
I noticed it all of sudden

I found her up in the morning
Her rosy face simply shining
Bright eyes stared as if inviting
Was it for passion igniting?

It was magnetic pull
There prevailed natural lull
Still moon remained in circle and full
I was not worried about attack from bull

I was totally mesmerized
The things were not to be summarized
It did make magic and surprise
This was something new and very good prize

How could she be in my domain?
She should not be away and remain
Totally indifferent and only in dream
How to bring her in pure love stream?

How many thoughts just crossed the mind?
How all of sudden I was able to find
She must be elegant and very kind
I was brought in sense by flow of wind

It made me to think in another direction
What will be her move and next action?
Will she be angry as hostile reaction?
As she was hailing from wealthy section

I could still read lines on her face
I was definitely for her in race
I want her to be on my side in any case
She must fall in line and not make memory to erase

This is what I consider as cherished dream
I don’t want to loose her and cry with scream
She may not opt for simple person
She may be compelled by any reason

I never knew morning breezes are so cool
They can’t push you to look like fool
It is freshness of flowers that is brought
One understands it and it is never taught

Soon her reddish face was about to disappear
There was so much pain to bear
I could see her murmur but couldn’t hear
She must be thanking me as dear

She engulfed me through the day
I had dreamed of very good way
Alas! I could offer her rose flower
My gesture would have been the best answer

the mind does develop reactive feeling
it is natural to go for it without thought killing
What will happen even if we get total failure?
It will enrich you and make the way very sure

She was almost there with hands on her eyes
I could only stare at her and could not ask why?
She utter few words in my ears for acknowledgement
It was now my turn to make positive movement


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Comments (7)

Hello, a poem about flowers will always get my attention. This one is so special. CY
Gul is flower in garden I noticed it all of sudden.. garden is due to gul only.....10
Gul is flower in garden... nice poem...10
You are so beautiful Gul is flower in garden I noticed it all of sudden.. nicely written....10
May my great wish bloom in the petal of sweet and delightful Gul, awake my hope and aspiration in Life come true...God bless....a star and a 10 +++++
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