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A Beautiful Metamorphosis
SA (19 Mar 1979 / KGF, India)

A Beautiful Metamorphosis

Poem By Seema Aarella

A radiant new moon appears
On the proximal firmament of
Kohl blotched sleepless eyes
To animate a virgin desire
That keeps her awake night after night.

Even a slender thought of him
Stirs her frigid consciousness
Instantly denuding her senses
With an ecstatic touch of shyness
that emphasizes the pink of her cheeks.

An added weight slows her gait
As she becomes fuller with youth
And takes each step in hesitancy
As if moving into his embrace
In an imagined moment of closeness

Every inch of her skin raptures
With a newly invaded excitement
Invoked by the intoxicating smell
Of the rows and rows of fresh flora
Blossomed In her undisclosed boudoir

A swell of desire in her heaving bosom
Makes her restless within the comforts
Her body pines for the bed of damp grass
Where lying in stillness she can discover
The beautiful change from youth to womanhood.

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a very beautiful poem, , , it was like sitting near and watching a flower bloom..you had brought it out so well...i take this into my favs