A Beautiful Mind

Your heart is looking for someone very special.
May be, you have not met her yet.

Don't cry
she is still blooming.
Just for you.

It took God eons
and evolution, millions of years
to create this beautiful universe.

See, even God can't take a shortcut.
Even He has to work hard and long
to create anything beautiful.

Have patience.
And be peaceful.
Could you see, moon smiling?
Swallow singing? River dancing?

To cherish beauty,
seeing with eyes not enough.
You must keep your heart open-
to see what is unseen
to hear what is unheard
to feel what is unfelt.
The most profound things of this universe
can never be touched.

Beauty eludes you
when you show no patience.

If you have patience, you have more peace.
If you are at peace, you see more beauty.

If you see more beauty,
you love life more.

If you love life more-
you hope more, love more.

If you hope more, love more
you grow stronger.

When you grow stronger,
you get what you want.

© Arun Maji

by Arun Maji

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Touching indeed.