A Mother To Remember

(An Ekphrastic Poem on painting by James Mcneill Whistler, Titled - The Artist Mother)

A Mother To Remember

An old woman sitting on a chair
In one dimensional look there
She's in a serious concentration
To pose, be steady in that situation
A classic lady with veil upon her hair

She posed against a monochrome colored wall
In that background of grey and black overall
And she posed firmly near a framed painting
As she posed, not a look of she's complaining
Maybe because she's a model for portrait withal

The painting, a captivating sublimer
A portrait of a great loving mother
In two simple colors, her glory famed
To be known, painted and framed
Frozen illustration to remember

For within the artist's gray matter
From astute James McNeil Whistler
His love to his mother was no lack
And illustrated in grey and black
His loving thoughts to his mother

2019 All Rights Reserved
Ency Bearis

by Ency Bearis

Comments (4)

a beautiful poem of may morning i like it and also read my poems
A lovely picture of a beautiful morning is drawn here... thank you
a beautiful may morning filled with good imagery. nice ink
simply a beautiful poem that puts the reader ther to witness such a beautiful morning.