A Beautiful Painting Of Kaberggren

It didn't start suddenly.
It was a write for that
millions of angels had been working day night
billions of colorful flowers had been donating their blood
trillions of stars had been sharing their light.
That was going on the skies.
And here on earth
the black base of life
had been facing hardships of high temperature
and high pressure
to be modified in diamond.
So came in existence
the diamond ink pot having infinite faces
and a different color on each and every face
with an aroma of all the flowers
some of them we see on the earth
and some are still to bloom.
Thanks to the flowers that
made the ink pot soft,
colorful and aromatic!
The ink pot a prism of diamond
making life a spectrum of colors,
looked at the ancient nature with a shy smile,
"I am ready My Lord."
The ancient nature dipped His forefinger
in the ink pot
and somewhere too away from the skies
wrote something.
I couldn't read anything else,
what I could read is love.
So I hugged her,
So I kissed her,
So I loved her.

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (4)

Such a beautiful poem on a beautiful painting.
A great poem, loved it.
This is a marvelous poem on love and art having stunning expression and groovy collocation. Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful depiction of love and art! Loved reading the poem! Thanks dear sir for sharing..10