A Beautiful Person With A Heart Of Gold

She sees things of beauty in all that she see
And what's beautiful to her seems ugly to me
What to her is a flower to me is a weed
We do seem so different so different indeed.

by Francis Duggan Click to read full poem

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A lovely and kind appreciation a big beautiful women
Francis, as I read your ode to a beautiful person with a heart of gold, I reflect on such souls that I've known, and others that I still know. I sincerely believe that there are a whole lot more of these angels than most of us are aware of. Through our poetry, let us continue opening our hearts to these messengers of God.
A lovely and kind appreciation. A beautiful art.
And sad to think her type are becoming more rare For the poor and downtrodden she genuinely does care To the most worthy causes her work free time she devote Yet she is not seen as one worthy of note. yes very true. there are so many beautiful human beings whose work is not known and their names do not come in the papers. they are h idden saints of our times. we shall write always about such people. thank you dear poet. i wonder about your poems. 8805 poems did u publish. it is a wonder for me
I too know someone like this. Beautiful words, a lovely dedication.
A touching and heartfelt write. Yes people like this exists in this world. They are Angels placed by God to do good works and also makes our lives happier. Very inspiring.
This world will be so nice with peace If we al behave like this lady ............. Very nice
good stuff. i like your metaphor
the lady is well described... she must be so happy for this...