TB (June 15,19- / Knoxville, TN)

A Beautiful Star 'stella'

She carries a large burden as she walks among the other stars, stars that just float through life. She never complains about the burden she carries, she only waits for instructions in life to take care of the other stars that need her.

As she takes care of each burden on her, her load is a little lighter for awhile, but as she is not looking the burden grows again, because, she is a chosen star among the stars that just float.
The beautiful star called Stella is always feeding those that come to her hungry, always ready with clothes for those that come to her naked, those that need comfort she is there. Her hands are never empty for other stars.
No one ever takes the time to ask Beautiful Star Stella, “what do you need? ” “Is there anything we can do for you? ” If they did, Of course her answer would always be, “everything I need is provided for me through my LORD.” And the LORD always took care of the Beautiful Star Stella, so her family had food on their table and clothes on their back.
The Beautiful Star Stella still shines by her passing on to all those she touched a lesson in helping others less fortunate.
Thank you from all that have been touched by the special Star Stella,

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