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220 Volt Shock
(17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

220 Volt Shock

(This is a true story)

Years ago my mom was shocked by a heater that belonged to my dad.
When she was mopping around the heater, she didn't know that the cord was bad.
Some bare wires were exposed on the cord and a terrible shock was what she got.
Touching those bare wires with that wet mop should've been fatal but it was not.
Luckily the shock only temporarily affected her hearing.
She was very lucky and that kind of luck is endearing.
I'm grateful because it didn't put her six feet under.
God must have been watching out for her and that truly was a wonder.

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Hello again! Now you're talking about my world. I love this poem. CY
Wow that's deep. I'm not into such poems though. My poems I make up on the spot. Well my poems are what's on my mind. Your poems are deep. They have multiple meanings that I can not react to. I great poem. A++
i liked this poem very much...the anticipation of a new day and unknown possibilities ahead
I like this poem it is one of your finest.thx for sharing.
The melodious voice starts emerging The early morning is filled with nice singing The cuckoo is at her best with beautiful echo We are just preparing with words to go