LMH (7/27/89 / Russia)

A Beautiful Stranger

Walking on the crowded street
I see people I will never meet
Smiling as they pass me by
I smile back at a confident-looking guy
He caught my attention, but I keep walking
On his cell phone, he is talking
I wonder what his life has been like
I wonder if we are anything alike
I wonder if he’s ever had his heart broken
I wonder if he has left any words unspoken
His eyes so piercing, so blue
I wonder if I’ll ever meet him, it’s true
I go on with my day like I’d never seen him
Why did his eyes look so sad, so grim?
What was it about this stranger?
That made me think I’d never face anymore danger?
I wonder if I caught his attention like he caught mine
Could this possibly be a sign?

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