A Beautiful Thing

Poem By Linda I. Weischedel

I love almost everything about you,
this is because I am a perfectionist and your not,
it drives me crazy when you don't take the time to clean out
the coffee pot.
I love your smile,
I love your eyes,
it's a beautiful thing knowing your
insightful and very wise,
I love the fact you tell me the truth and never make
the attempt to tell me lies.
I find you to be very keen, very smart,
it's a beautiful thing
knowing you have already given me your heart,
I found you to be a wonderful person
from the very start.

Comments about A Beautiful Thing

This is a beautiful poem. I give it a 10
You are a very good poet. Brilliant.
Your poem was really nice and it get a 10
linda its a lovely poem. it truly conveys your love and appreciation for your loved one. enjoy your poetic life. take care. seema
i love this poem Linda; Love sees no faults of the beloved because Love is beautiful and this poem also

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4,5 out of 5
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