DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

*a Beauty Bliss*

I shouldn’t look I shouldn’t touch
But your beauty does entrance
A mind that searches from first glance
To end attraction that cannot start
But it is hard as this beauty is god’s finest art

A perfect beauty from head to feet
Causing me to find the words I should not speak
This picturesque beauty blesses me, with a
Joyful love I did not seek

As honest as reflection be, I know
I must keep this feeling inside of me
For I will fall destructively
Into a pit of tragedy

A beauty bliss that the eye can’t miss
Like the arrow of cupids kiss
But I refrain, and must absorb this painful rain
For I cannot cause others pain

I have given my life to someone
I hold most dear, I could never bring forward
Her innocent tears, for I will love her always
As I have done now for eight whole years

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Comments (4)

The beauty is to see And not to touch, Beauty beams bliss It's life's clutch. The rose has beauty, Don't disect; Its ever sweet memory, WIth bliss a pact.
the person is soo lucky.the poem is very very romantic
Well, well, well, nicely done. You're doing a splendid job.
you are an english poet of the new times..