DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

A Beauty Blonde Lay The Town To Silence

Forever I’ve sought to know you
Beyond a silhouette upon the horizon.
I open my arms to cushion the blow,
I open my heart to Avalon.

Loves cascade forever flowing
Reveals the turning of the leaf.
A beauty blonde lay the town to silence,
The night is then at peace.

What defense could they utter?
Shutting up shop, pulling down shutters,
Simply to keep from their sight.
The beauty of this dark blonde night

For people know this without knowing
The silver glimmers of her hair
Form the threads of destiny
That wrapped in dreams somewhere

By the hands of fate are weaving
Through bloodlines running strong
This beauty blonde, our silent friend,
Sister to the sun.

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that was beautiful... ~Brittany~