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A Becoming Horizon
RVS (October 6,1950 / New Jersey)

A Becoming Horizon

Riding in the saddle of a becoming horizon, loving the
scenery as it flows past, going down the road of being.

A lasting impression that always takes over, giving an
immense feeling of accomplishment, always taking hold
of energy of mind and intellect.

As they hold onto logical reasoning in the midst of
being down and depressed, longing to move beyond the
expanse of a leading guitar.

Strumming its melodies and harmonies into the darkness
of this night, exemplifying the wonder and beauty of a
life without your abusive love.

Reaching for comfort that never comes from your arms
in this life, an eternity of no love has always been
right on the doormat of living.

In this abusive relationship, wishing and hoping to
move out of your reach and into another road or path-
way of living - alone.

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