S ( / NYC)

A Bed Of Tissues

I lay here
the bed
tissues by
my side

Cannot hide
used tissues
new tissues
matters not
confused inside

My nose is red
from such
my tissues
by my side

Imagine all
the trees
whom cry
shed there
tissue by
my side

I cried untill
I could no

Tissue by
my side
there is
left inside
my eyes are
as jade
won't fade

So dry

The feeling
unto my soul

The well alone
is full to night
a tissue by
my side

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Comments (11)

This one is really good also! I love all of your poems that I have read so far!
Hmm, i read some others of your poems, and they kinda seemed like you were forcing dark lyrics to come out. This poem i feel is the first i've read to have true meaning and feeling behind it. It is very good.
Wonderfully expressed. Wishing u a lot of joy in life, not pain.
this relates to my poem 'Paper'..i've used lots paper rolls too pouring out tears until tears dry up..let's both give this world a beautiful smile, U.U...i loved your poetry..
i am the same as you i suffer from depression also i love your poems
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