A Bedbug On My Palm

now the bedbug
finally finds
its place
in one of the lines

by Antonio Liao Click to read full poem

Comments (11)

this write make one feel powerful even if its only a bedbug, clever and intelligent composition.
it is not praying it is simply waiting for its death within a palm there is no choice except my own indecision.....life and death is in the hands of almighty but yes indecisioncan be His decision too.... lovely poem and goodcomposition....10 reaad mine..kind words
You leave me with nothing to say: a good one there!
Beautiful composition.
Human too are bugs on time's palm and it's life depends upon time's fancy.........Any moment it can choose to close the palm and we are gone forever.............Good Write....
a bug on the 'life line' of your palm...its life line on your palm...artful presentation Anto...10
Once a fly dared me to kill it... I could not... he made me open a window. Love your poem.
antonio - A bedbug is indeed a metaphor for all life we hold in the palms of our hands. Well written - Cheryl
very very neat indeed
i like this one, antonio. i have never thought of a bedbug as a poem subject. very good...
Pitty the 'bb' but you don't have any choice but to 'live and let die'. Nice satirical poem. Well thought of.