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A Bee
(1644 - 1694 / Iga Province / Japan)

A Bee

Poem By Matsuo Basho

A bee
staggers out
of the peony.

Translated by Robert Hass

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A bee stings a bee u, a bee brought me to realize they are important.
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Drunken, by it's creation. Awakened, to it's demise. One see's, blind!
(A Bee - Poem by Matsuo Basho.) **An entertaining verse.
'' From the bottom of the pistil / the peony, the bee moves away / grudgingly '' [Bashō] In this hokku on parting (separation) , the bee represents Basho and the peony the host (Master Toyo) . The bee leaves the flower with great reluctance, thus expressing the deep gratitude of the visitor. This form of symbolism or simple allegory was a standard for the poets of that time, as it was for the entire poetic tradition.