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A Beggar On The Street
AK (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

A Beggar On The Street

Poem By Aldo Kraas

I used to be rich
I had a big house with a big backyard
I spent all my money away like it was water
The little money I had left I gave it away
When it was gone I had lost my house, my job, and my friends
Today I am a beggar on the street
My best friend is a bottle of rum
As I beg for money on the street everyone that passed by me
Had noticed that I was dirty
No one wants a beggar for a friend
I have nowhere else to go except to live on the street
I am getting old and my life is passing me by
There are wrinkles on my face
I can hardly walk straight anymore because I am almost always drunk
I drink too much
I am a beggar what else should I do than drink
That’s what beggars do best
I know that one day my heart will give out and I will die
When I was rich I wasn’t happy with my life
Of course I had lots of friends
They didn’t stay around for too long
My money finished and I became a beggar
They tell me I have no shame
I would rather live in a refuge camp than live on the street
The streets are dirty and filthy
At least there would be water to drink, food, and shower
If I am lucky on a good day I get enough money to buy me a bottle of Rum and a doughnut to eat
On a bad day I just have to starve
I know I am dirty and smelly
There are no showers or washrooms on the street
I would love one
Soon will be winter and I will go to a men’s shelter
There I will get some food, a hot shower, and a warm bed for once

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Such a sad and heartbreaking poem. It is very sad how one can go from having so much to being destitute. Funny also how when things go well we have many friends always around but when we are needy they are nowhere to be found.