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I Can't Get No Easy Fix These Days
AK (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

I Can't Get No Easy Fix These Days

Poem By Lorraine Scurll

I used to be rich
I had a big house with a big backyard
I spent all my money away like it was water
The little money I had left I gave it away
When it was gone I had lost my house, my job, and my friends
Today I am a beggar on the street
My best friend is a bottle of rum
As I beg for money on the street everyone that passed by me
Had noticed that I was dirty
No one wants a beggar for a friend
I have nowhere else to go except to live on the street
I am getting old and my life is passing me by
There are wrinkles on my face
I can hardly walk straight anymore because I am almost always drunk
I drink too much
I am a beggar what else should I do than drink
That’s what beggars do best
I know that one day my heart will give out and I will die
When I was rich I wasn’t happy with my life
Of course I had lots of friends
They didn’t stay around for too long
My money finished and I became a beggar
They tell me I have no shame
I would rather live in a refuge camp than live on the street
The streets are dirty and filthy
At least there would be water to drink, food, and shower
If I am lucky on a good day I get enough money to buy me a bottle of Rum and a doughnut to eat
On a bad day I just have to starve
I know I am dirty and smelly
There are no showers or washrooms on the street
I would love one
Soon will be winter and I will go to a men’s shelter
There I will get some food, a hot shower, and a warm bed for once

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It’s an interesting one