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A Beginning
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

A Beginning

Poem By AHO Speaks

Just by my sight and silence I do God with honor
My thoughts of each gift I see and touch; without dishonor.
That it would allow me to see this living scene
A picture of when time began and not as in a dream.

If time could take me back I would see what I see now
A sky, a breeze, a sun and birds flying, somehow.
The birds would have the same purpose other than to be
And so also I; to write of the beauty; I see.

I would see a single shell about to start an endeavor with a tree
To build an island like the one next to it for the birds you see.
Time means nothing in the realm of God
For it marries the shell and the tree; to make the Key West sod.

Perhaps in three thousand years or more
God will bless the island with birds, as it opens the door.
A door that has activity called human toil
It matters not whether working for business or tending the soil.

That if each does what it should
Then life will not be sad because of one, 'I wish I could'.
Help one another and our God will help you
You can be part of the many or part of the few..

11-05-05 Aho Speaks.

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'You can be part of the many or part of the few..' true - we need to sit down and see whats around us and how it affects us...we need just to be A beautiful poem from you-Pia