A Behaviorists Perspectve The Causes Of Racism

Poem By Richard Spisak

A Behaviorists Perspective the Causes of Racism
by rw spisak

The troop or group, the clan's glad hand
the sign of nine the grip in the dark the posted mark informsthe stable state of norms.

remembering the frames of membrane games brain disguises,
shade your eyes, in apple pies it sizes the territory, turf.
The good should; our side of town, our group is right, in the sight of good god's smile.
even sunlightreviles your kind,outside the pure. to lure with your kinds lazy stupid stunts
a sparrow of a different hue could be torn and clove in two by a few of another blue hunt

the strength,bounding bonding unicellular life in multi-cellular strife
responding besiding ties the atom so tight min-ute molecular mightand chooses in precise measure
who you'll sleep with tonight.

beehives survive by tribes trance the queens romance excludes the rude outsider protects the provider
determines the rider of the queen's desire

emboldened invaders reduce the chance for the tribes to advance social groups and bamboo shoots,
baboon troops and fishy schools know who the foe is,when to go, who's the friend, where's the end.
the rules used training fools by gene & team wish that's cultures dish
it keeps the portoguese man o'war banging on the door
it explaines to the colony who to hang onto and why

cultural clash like red ants and black as a reason to attack is a common step
to keep em hep to good guys and bad, but isn't it sad how oftenthe supportive social ties
the tools of molecular rulescan conceal the lack and leak of the social contract to the greater stack
the organs of your hand would be foolish to war or inflict harm on the arm.

could the leg force the knee to submit or flee could the brow to the forehead say drop dead
begone! Amscray! and then in confusion swayagainst the neighbors arrayed.
as this is to make a fist to relate the cultural trait a boundary in this or any country
take humpty dumpty, he's really something to relate to the ground with a loud cracking sound

unicellular or multi-cellular in clothing and in motion your expressing the notion of your tribe
it doesn't hide wouldn't try
but membranes even say;if you lean over easy this way together is stronger lives happier longer

cultural riffs needn't cause tiffs or express fists in painwhat it is when they mean the supportive us
they needn't bleed trust or force us to muss the membranes edgey thrust
but if you say it must symbiosis is being osmosis it's meaning surely you know this

there's no relief in grief let tribal libel cease extend the grace of space

the use of social bonding to unite is great but even edges meet and act to attract the surging urge to merge -a behaviorists perspective the causes of racism

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The use of social bonding to unite is great in spite of diversity. Racism provokes thought and sometimes brings sadness. An amazing poem is very wisely penned...10
You are on your way there is no doubt to a mental home.

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