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A Belief Not Common
(17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

A Belief Not Common

What is common in us? This question baffled me most
This had destabilizing effect and was proving fatal at tremendous cost
How was I going to settle it to lead simple and straight life?
It had sharp edge and was tearing me apart as if operated by knife

Why we had different pattern of life and almost lived poles apart
Why did we perform and prayed from different angle and still remained part?
The religion was different still prayed almighty with same zeal and looked apparent
It had same basis, spirit, contents and flow of thought with same current

Mind was occupied with single aim that is to say to attain the salvation
Nothing was different and it remained same for all to live with the situation
Everybody wanted to lead the peaceful life though the approach differed
Human race was to survive still as the inherent mechanism suffered

If God had wanted the same treatment for all, he could have given one color
Why all flowers were created different with almost fascinating fragrance and odor Customs too differ to please the God but aim one to seek blessings
it is still awesome to feel different and cause so much stressing

Race, color, skin may differ but there ma y remain pure soul
Food habits may differ but appetite may not smell foul
World may be divided into continents, regions but surface may remain same
We got to adjust to the scene and to live with the ideals and try to frame

Mother may not act different with her children
The love may flow unconditional and sudden
She may be rejoiced at children’s well being
They may one day attain high position or become kings

Land is same, atmosphere is same with day and night
Some one may interpret it wrong and someone may do it right
The atmosphere may vitiate only when they differ and start to fight
The dark clouds may descend with the disappearance of light

Still we have so many things in common
With little agony and pain, tears may roll on
The blood may come out when there is injury
The common color of blood may increase the fury

We have survived long battle and emerged as victorious
The past to be left behind by us may still be very glorious
We see the same, feel the same and breathe the same air
To fight for nothing is something called as unfair

Let us ignite the passion for humanity
Live and allow others to live with dignity
There is nothing different in the infinity
It is how you believe in fine quality

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Comments (6)

How was I going to settle it to lead simple and straight life? ... v. nicely expressed in poem...10
nice piece.... the words of a poet lies within here... well written and expressed
How was I going to settle it to lead simple and straight life? It had sharp edge and was tearing me apart as if operated by knife.....ye nslife is very diificult to, lead....10
anotherwell written and totful poem..i vote t ten also
Another great write with full of wisdom. Well narrated in poetic diction.
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