A Best Friend

A BEST FRIEND-Makes a lunch trade with you even if he doesn't love peanut butter and jelly.
A BEST FRIEND-Notices you standing alone by the fence and invites you to play hockey with the rest of the class.
A BEST FRIEND-Chooses you to go camping with him each summer.
A BEST FRIEND-Puts chalk in the teacher's eraser so you're not the only
one who has to stay after school.
A BEST FRIEND-Smiles and offers a firm handshake when you make the
high school baseball team and he doesn't.
A BEST FRIEND-Makes you feel just a little bit better every time you talk to him.
A BEST FRIEND-Calls you when he moves into his new dorm room.
A BEST FRIEND-Calls you for no reason at all.
A BEST FRIEND-Mentions you each week when he kneels before his
A BEST FRIEND-Never reveals the secret you told him the night you slept
over his house when you were in third grade.
A BEST FRIEND-Remembers who your favorite baseball player is.
A BEST FRIEND-Makes you get out of bed earlier and give your best to
each day.
A BEST FRIEND-Is someone I thank God for everyday.

by James Ruka

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wonderful i read it keep writing ists so nice one