A Better Day

The sun opened the door to the sky
And with one stroke, painted it blue
A velvet voice awoke the birds
They sang a melancholy tune
A spark of light laid a curtain of silk
Across the peaceful valley
A misty fog lifted
Opening up a corridor of hope
A place to plant smiles
A place to harvest desires
To please the palate
With a cornucopia of happiness
It’s no surprise
A long line joined the feast
No limit to the dreams that coexist
With assurance of continuous prosperity
A stirring rustled the leaves of rust and gold
A freshness of moist earth awaken a flower bed
To point its petals skyward
Butterflies and honey bees
Rush to the scene of glistening rainbows
A brand new day is laid out
With precision of a balanced sphere
All the senses are aroused
Doubt is doused at its core
Nothing can change nature
Except man

by Alfred Ramos

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what the world awaits is a better day. Beautiful poem.