A Better Day

Poem By Heather Z. Hanna

A better day, a better night.
No tears or fears or even frights.

I'll wait again tomorrow my friend
I may delight and then to write.

Each day that passes
Is a day to hold onto.

For my outlook is changing.
My worries relieved.

My tears are drying, so onward toward sunlight
And onward toward good.

There may be something more
To be understood.


Comments about A Better Day

A better day and a better night unite to give us feelings of peace. When there is calmness at day and night we do not fear at all and we do not shed tear. Love and care give us peaceful life. Each day passes but still we plan to feel life. This poem is excellently penned...10
Very pretty, very enjoyable to read.
Absolutely optimistic outlook on life! Congratulations for the nice poem.
oh very beautiful indeed! I grew up on the Wind River Range....
thats is a good poem you have there i will keep it in my heart

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