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A Better Place For You And For Me
AK (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

A Better Place For You And For Me

Poem By Aldo Kraas

A better place for you and for me
We will discover it today
My friend
Because I want you to
Know that I had kept
The promise that I
Had made to you
And I will be your
Best friend always
No matter what happens tomorrow
I will always be
There for you
So lets go
And find a better place
For you and me
That we can live in harmony
We walked to the end of the road
And there we saw a man
That saw us also
And he had invited us
For the hot air balloon ride
Because that hot air balloon
Belonged to him
The man filled the propane burners
Of the hot air balloon
And waited for the hot air balloon
To warm up
For about 30 minutes
After that he had called us
And we all had climbed inside
The hot air balloon
The hot air balloon started
To lift of the ground
Very slowly
Into the air
And two hours later
The hot air balloon
Ended up in the sky
With all of us inside
We all had looked
At the beautiful view
When we had looked dow
From the hot air balloon
30 days later the hot air balloon
Landed safe in Johanesburg
Which is in Africa
And at that moment
My friend had looked at me
And I told her that
We had found what I had called
A better place for you and for me
To live in harmony

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Hmm..an enchanting fantasy poem. Enjoyed the read!